A Sense of Africa in The Exploration of Reminiscences: A Review of  Limbe to Lagos: Nonfiction From Cameroon and Nigeria

Looking for recent vitalizations in creative non-fiction from Africa? Then read this!

 AiW Guest: Kwame Osei-Poku (Ph.D.), University of Ghana.

When a collection of stories succeeds in making its readers identify with and care about real issues, triggering sensations of empathy and reinforcing readers’ own reminiscences, we realise the powerful impact of storytelling – especially when done in the true fashion of a very rich heritage of African oral narrative style, transposed into sublime non-fiction writing. Limbe to Lagos(2020), compiled by Dami Ajayi, Dzekashu MacViban, and Emmanuel Iduma, is an edited collection of non-fiction narratives that brings together ten writers pooled from Nigeria and Cameroon, as the title of the book symbolises. These ten writers (Adams Adeosun, Afope Ojo, Caleb Ajinomoh, Godwin Luba, Howard M-B Maximus, Lucia Edafioka, Nkiacha Atemnkeng, Raoul Djimeli, Sada Malumfashi and Socrates Mbamalu) express their observations and lived experiences through varying forms of individualised non-fiction writing. They touch on themes such as relationships, bereavement, travel, and memories…

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