Junkman Oluwatoyin Vincent Adepoju

DAYS OF RAGE – In Nigeria, 2016

In these days of rage when men’s faces are like graven images erected in anger:

When pains shake and dwindling wallets daze even the faith of the famous faithful,

When darts of arbitrary madness hits even the best of minds

And we like children fear for things unseen

Looming in the horizon….

We come.

We come to the place where faces change and rages fade,

We come to the place where water mixes with blood,

We come to the place where shadows fade and deadly fates become healing faiths-

To the curtains – torn in two.

We come to the force that turned Golgotha dirges to the bliss of the upper room,

To the battered palms that turn bruises to fruitful melodies

We are too sure (un-postmodern-ly)

That beyond this looming darkness, these maddening menageries of needs,

There is a revolution of laughter, waiting to begin…


(Image not mine)




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